This is Ellie's transformation in just 4 weeks! 

Myself & Ellie worked together to create a training plan to get her stronger & build muscle and we are definitely achieving that!

Ellie does not track her food so shows what you can achieve training hard and eating a healthy but non restrictive diet!

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This is online client Lydia's 12 week transformation!

Myself & Lydia worked together to help her balance her busy life as a working mum of 2 with creating a healthy relationship with food & exercise.

She now knows how to track her food, eat healthy balanced meals & workout to keep fit and active.

She didn't step foot in a gym & only trained 3 times per week!

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This is client Hannah's 8 week transformation

Over 8 week's she lost 3.5kg & 6cm from her waist!

Over the 8 week's she learnt how to track her calories & macronutrients, how to get a sufficient amount of protein in her diet & how to train at home with minimal equipment!

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